Let the Universe Fall

Hardly anything would sound more unnatural than a collaboration between Lyke Wake and Noise Cluster: on the one hand an artist who has renounced drum machines since time immemorial, focusing on symphonic compositions, on the other a duo who advocates techno beats and IDM.
Yet, such a completely opposite approach to industrial music has sparked this rather unique fusion of styles that gives the listener the very best of the two worlds.

Tape ltd.ed. 60 pcs + digital - Luce Sia 2020

Live @Fanfulla

CD-r limited ed. - Gatto Alieno 2019

Grubenfunde: Sampler vol. 2

Abyss #2


on tape or bandcamp

Dance of the Shavabots

track for the Petroglyph Music Christmas compilation 2018


Dec 2018


track for

Destination Morgue X

not for sale

info: Butcher's House

Nov 2018

Crippled Inside

track for

"Das Grubenpferd" Tape

Sampler Noise, Drone, Industrial, Synth.11 Artists and 13 Songs.
the Tape comes in a CD-Shell with a 16-page booklet and a card with a painting and text.
limited to 50 pieces.

feat: Grodock, Materialeinschüchterung, Dieter Müh, B°Tong, Jugendwerkhof, Carsten Vollmer, Noise Cluster, Drywud, Aaron Karnov, TMS, Ale Hop

or Bandcamp

Sept 2018

Strounds [viva Dmitry!]

track for the free-download tribute compilation for Dmitry Vasilyev, author of Viva Italia!
Monochrome Visions (For Dmitry Vasilyev)

track #63: Strounds [viva Dmitry!]

Sept 2018


Poor Little Hag

NC's track for the Submarine Broadcasting Company's charity compilation
"Exhibition: vol. Red/1"

April 2018


Towards The Rainbow

NC's track for the Studio 4632 ambient compilation

dedicated to VM

oct 2017

free download

Calls from the Beyond

a collaboration with Impermanenza Armonica

for the GattiRossiCheCadono comp. vol 2


free download


NC's tracks appear in several EOP's mixcloud compilations:



halloween 2017

Planet Of The Lost Dolls

Tape/digital download

an 8-track concept-album inspired by La isla De Las Munecas

Luce Sia, 2017



sodapop (it)

african paper (de)

slow cult (live report - it)

the noise beneath the snow (en)

rockerilla (it)

Disasteroid KA

NC's track for the Patetico Records' charity compilation: "Rock Back: Stronger than the storm"



Icy Drones

3" DVD-split with Artico Cvlto

GattoAlieno 2016



african paper (de)

Nocturne Perspectives

a collaboration with Impermanenza Armonica

from the 3rd Spettro Records compilation


free download

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